BACnet CloudRouter - Instructions for use

The BACnet CloudRouter works by attaching your site to a BACnet 'CloudNet'. Each CloudNet has a unique name, and in general, only authorized users can attach to a CloudNet.

A site is defined as a local BACnet network, such as all the BACnet devices in a single building. The CloudRouter enables multiple sites to be connected together in a seamless manner.

BACnet Interoperability Testing Services, Inc. provides a free, general purpose CloudNet called "BITS Demo Network". Use this to test your installation to make sure it is connecting OK. A successful connection is indicated by a green 'Connected' label on the CloudRouter Agents main dialog box.

Once the CloudRouter Agent is successfully connected, then all the local devices, as well as all the remote devices on other sites that are also connected to the same CloudNet, can be browsed using standard BACnet Browser / Discovery / Explorer tools.

See this list for available BACnet Browser tools.